“8 Great Ideas for Seattle in 2017”

Crosscut.com, January 2017

“Food Entrepreneur Looks to Make Seattle Home of International Cuisine”

South Seattle Emerald, March 2016

“One Man's Plan to Turn King Street Station Into an Immigrant Culinary Hub”

Seattle Weekly, November 2016

“Taste the Future”

City Arts Magazine, September 2015

“Local non-profit empowers immigrant communities through food”

International Examiner, June 2015

“Immigrant food entrepreneurs get support from new nonprofit”

The Seattle Globalist, June 2015

“MarketShare providing opportunities”

Northwest Asian Weekly, January 2015

“MarketShare’s New Filipino and Kenyan Food Stalls Debut Around Town”

Eater Seattle, May 2015

“A New Market Concept Puts Two Immigrants at the Forefront”

Seattle Weekly, February 2015

“Local Nonprofit Launching First Two Mobile Food Businesses”

Seattle Mag, February 2015

“Do you dream of an indoor street food market in Seattle?”

Seattle Refined, November 2014

“MarketShare providing opportunities”

Northwest Asian Weekly, January 2015

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