Well, the results are in. After 30 days, 100,000 Founders made it 1.3% of the way to our goal of 100,000 backers, and 5.2% of our way to $100,000. With a beautiful vision for a meaningful public space dedicated to human connection, and values rooted in equity and empowerment, we tried something new and it didn't work.

The Kickstarter campaign was an all-or-nothing format, and because we did not cross the $100,000 threshold, our backers will not be charged for their donations, and MarketShare will not receive any money from the campaign.

However, 100,000 Founders has raised the profile of our organization, and the concept for King Street Market. This has inspired conversations in our community about the potential positive impacts of the project, as well as new perspectives regarding our approach. We are grateful that one of the most important outcomes of the campaign is that we will have so many new opportunities to learn from the communities we seek to serve.

Over more than four years of operation, MarketShare has already learned so much about food, culture, and community from the thousands of people who have come forward to support us with resources, as volunteers, and as collaborators. While the depth of our knowledge, and the scope and clarity of our vision for King Street Market have grown, the amount of work is outpacing our ability to handle it all, and our first order of business in this next phase after the campaign will be to build capacity.

With confidence in our ability to proceed, and a market concept proposal on the horizon, MarketShare eagerly anticipates reengaging with community stakeholders to hear their perspectives, so that we might add them to the vision, and work together to find a way forward that creates value for all. We are committed to crowdfounding the market by bringing together everyone who wants to participate, and we believe all of us have a role to play.

We are a community, and a world, grappling with increasingly complex challenges at higher and higher stakes, meaning that clear communication and shared compassion are more important than ever. Our theory of change is that food creates connection, connection creates community, and only community can create place. MarketShare remains on course to help our community to create authentic public spaces where food empowers individuals, where it brings all of us to the table, and where everyone will always have a seat.

We look forward to bringing you important updates about next steps in the weeks to come and on behalf of the entire MarketShare family, I wish to convey my deep appreciation to everyone who has supported us throughout the campaign and beyond.


With gratitude,

Philip Deng - Executive Director


Special Acknowledgements

Traci Gushiken - With You Media - For producing our beautiful campaign video as an in-kind donation of services

Sung-Duk Kang - For producing campaign graphics and overseeing website design as an in-kind donation of services

Muneera Gerald - For producing campaign graphics and overseeing website design as an in-kind donation of services

Tasia Endo - For event production and management as an in-kind donation of services

LJ Almendras - For communications consulting and social media management as an in-kind donation of services

Domonique Meeks - No Blueprint Podcast - For communications and community outreach consulting as an in-kind donation of services

Scott Blakemore and Jeff McCord - Split Shot Collaborative - For architectural design consulting as an in-kind donation of services

Jake Jones, Claire Jencks, and Kylie Means - For content creation and editorial review as in-kind donation of services

Xiaoxia Lu, Susan Tai, and Geoffrey Van- For dedicated and versatile volunteer support

Tiller, Julie Pham, Ramon Bueno, and Zara Deng - For video subtitle translation as in-kind donation of services

Families of Color Seattle - For use of office space as an in-kind donation of services

Forterra, ZGF Architects, Sellen Construction, and Hermanson Company - For commitment of market design services as an in-kind donation of services

Rainier Valley Corps - For operations and administrative support and nonprofit mission guidance

MarketShare's Board of Directors - For support and stewardship of the mission and organization