One Dollar = One Voice


The goal of this campaign is to bring together 100,000 people as co-equal co-founders of King Street Market, an international street food market in downtown Seattle supporting under-resourced entrepreneurs who are immigrants, refugees, and indigenous people.


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A Seat at the Table for Everyone

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What is 100,000 Founders?

King County is home to more than 400,000 immigrants, refugees, and native people who come from more than 100 countries and speak more than 170 languages. Such diversity presents an opportunity for people and cultures to connect through the universal language of food. A delicious meal brings everyone to the table where important community conversations can begin. King Street Market can be a living symbol of a community's commitment to racial and social diversity, inclusivity, and equity. 


What is “Crowdfounding”?

Crowdfounding is a process whereby support and resources for development of a property are sourced from a maximum number of people in standardized micro-amounts. Simply put, getting as many people together as possible to make great community spaces for all. 


King Street Market


What does $100,000 pay for?

  • Finalization of architectural designs 
  • Development of business incubation programming with partner nonprofit organizations 
  • Completion of economic and site analysis 
  • Hiring of project consultants from immigrant, refugee, and indigenous communities 
  • Launch of a social impact investment fund for market construction capital 
  • Concept proposal package for City leadership 

Why are you only accepting $1 donations?

Simple. Because when one dollar equals one voice, funders become foundersOnly the People can make a market that is truly public. We want everyone to be able to participate as a founder of King Street Market, and we want the total number of dollars we raise, to also be the total number of people who support this project’s foundation. 


What’s next after

King Street Market?


We are intensely focused on making sure that this first market is a resounding and delicious success before focusing on additional markets. It will likely be at least two more years until opening day, and once King Street Market has reached operational sustainability, we’ll look at how our crowdfounding process can be applied to other locations.


For complete details about King Street Market download our comprehensive plan book.

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