coalition sign-on letter

We, the undersigned organizations, wish to express our support for MarketShare and their mission to create community spaces that incubate and celebrate immigrant entrepreneurship through food. Of particular interest to our leadership and the diverse people we serve is the Campaign for King Street, MarketShare’s grassroots effort to encourage the creation of an international food market to be located on the Jackson Street level of the King Street Station redevelopment. The purpose of this food market would be to incubate food business startups operated by low-income immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs, and provide our entire community with a civic touchstone built upon sharing food and culture.

Our organizations, while varied in our missions, structures, history, and people served, are connected by common values embodied in MarketShare’s vision for King Street Station. We all support sharing economic opportunity with marginalized populations to support asset-based and equitable community development. We all support purposeful initiatives to build cultural infrastructure for underrepresented groups that allows for the expression of their arts and cultures, so that our entire society can be strengthened and enriched.  We all support the creation of space where everyone can afford to enjoy all the flavors of our community, and the flavors of our world.

At a time when words and facts are sometimes insufficient foundations for civil discourse, food and its power to transcend boundaries has become an even more important tool for unification and healing. Beyond our support, MarketShare has asked for our groups to be collaborators in the creation and utilization of the public market at King Street Station, so that it becomes a platform and stage where all of our various community-based efforts can find sanctuary, a voice and a home.



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