The Public Relations (PR) Manager reports to and partners with the Marketing Director. The key role of the PR Manager is to make MarketShare synonymous with building community for immigrant populations. They are able to develop stories that communicate and advance MarketShare's vision and provide positive quality exposure in the community. They also develop opportunities to engage and inspire the community about MarketShare.


  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of MarketShare and its mission
  • Lead a team of public relations professionals to achieve impactful community relations
  • Develop a brand market PR strategy consistent with MarketShare values and mission
  • Work closely with other leadership teams to promote effective branding and messaging for MarketShare
  • Provide guidance and thought leadership for long-term branding and awareness within the community
  • Establish processes that drive brand related conversations
  • Provide analysis and reporting of PR team efforts
  • Lead monthly PR meetings and attend staff meetings

Desired Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership: The Public Relations Director possesses solid understanding of consumer messaging and effective branding. They are able to communicate those strategies clearly and effectively, collaborating across teams to develop long-term successful strategies.
  • Management: The Director manages and allocates resources as needed to achieve organizational and PR goals, including the PR team, budget, and other materials.
  • Communication: The Public Relations Director commands good people skills and effective communication. This requires strong communication skills in all areas (written, spoken, multimedia). They are also able to navigate in-person conversations to professional media interviews with ease.
  • Community: The PR Director understands the community at large and acts as liaison for the community voice as well as the voice of MarketShare in the community.

This staff member position requires a commitment of 8-10 hours per month for a minimum of one year. We offer a lot of flexibility in when and how you complete those hours and many of the tasks and responsibilities can be done remotely, working online, at a time that is convenient for you. This position does require mandatory attendance at a monthly team meeting (usually evenings).

This is a volunteer position. There will be no financial compensation.