MarketShare is a Seattle nonprofit building a permanent street food market,
empowering immigrants and refugees through food entrepreneurship.

Seattle's next Civic landmark

We are campaigning to locate the MarketShare street food market in King Street Station. Situated in the heart of city at one of the most transit-connected hubs on the west coast, the train station's Jackson St ground floor currently sits empty. The city is looking for an organization to animate this underutilized space.

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Startup restaurant incubator

The 8-10 low-income immigrant and refugee cooks featured in King Street Market will be supported by our business incubation program. Vendors will learn how to operate a successful restaurant in America. Our curriculum includes branding & marketing, financial literacy & management, and culinary skills & menu development.

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building a market, not a wall

BLURB here: talk about yummy international food and bringing cultures together/building community. Add photo of food/people eating together.

King Street Market will be a world of flavor just a stop away, under one roof. 

Help make this dream a reality

The Seattle Office of Economic Development is opening a request for proposals in 2017 and MarketShare is preparing to submit our concept.

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It’s the perfect idea for a sanctuary city that marches on its stomach.
— Knute Berger,