MarketShare is a Seattle nonprofit building a permanent street food market,
empowering immigrants and refugees through food entrepreneurship.

Public Market

Situated in the heart of city at one of the most transit-connected hubs on the west coast, historic King Street Station was fully renovated in 2013 and is ready to become Seattle's next iconic civic landmark. MarketShare envisions an international street food market that incubates micro-restaurant startups owned and operated by low-income immigrant entrepreneurs. The Seattle Office of Economic Development will open a request for proposals in 2017 and MarketShare is preparing to submit our concept for review.


We envision 8-10 stalls that represent an opportunities to start a food business for roughly $10,000, a fraction of the current cost of mobile food startup models. Our focus will be to empower cooks who feature cuisines that are currently not represented on restaurant menus in the area. King Street Market will be a world of flavor just a stop away, under one roof. 


Business Incubator

Vendors featured in King Street Market will be supported by a business incubation program specifically designed to help low-income immigrant and refugee cooks to revive culinary careers left behind in their native countries. MarketShare seeks to partner with several other established nonprofit service providers to customize tried-and-true culinary and business startup curriculums for the populations we seek to serve.

While in the market vendors will benefit from such services as branding and marketing assistance, financial literacy and management training, culinary skills and menu development, and other skills important for launching and sustaining a thriving food business. After three years of incubation, successful businesses will graduate from the market and MarketShare will help the owners connect with resources to take their businesses to the next level.

We're people powered

Beloved public institutions always come from the people, and they are not developed, they are organized into being. MarketShare needs you to join our grassroots Campaign for King Street so we can help you understand how your story and abilities can help build King Street Market:

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It’s the perfect idea for a sanctuary city that marches on its stomach.
— Knute Berger,