This past weekend, on Sunday, the MarketShare team joined the MLK Business Association, HomeSight, and Feet First on a food tour of South Seattle’s Othello Neighborhood. We had so much fun sampling food, learning about the history of Othello’s business district, and getting to know the other tour participants who all love trying new foods as much as we do!

The next tour will be on August 20th in Graham. Space is limited so contact Rachel at ASAP to claim your spot! For those who are unable to make it next weekend, don’t worry. Grab an adventurous-foodie friend, load up your ORCA card, and read our guide below to create your own food tour!

The first stop of the food tour was Tammy’s Bakery (7101 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA 98118). The bakery, located in a shopping center right across from the Othello Light Rail Station, is one of the tastiest breakfast/snack spots that you will come across in South Seattle. Being family owned and family ran, there is a phenomenal banh mi selection, alongside pre-made lunch boxes, and even a variety of desserts to take on the go! Although the selection is vast, we recommend grabbing a quick shrimp toast plus a cafe sua da to go for a perfect breakfast! (

Afterwards, we went on to the Seattle Chinese Herb Shop (6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #105, Seattle, WA 98118) for a quick adventure. We perused the aisles filled with traditional Chinese herbs and had the opportunity to talk to one of the in-house herb mixin gurus about specific health needs. Chinese medicine is used to treat all sorts of pains and ailments and is easily accessible through the Chinatown and South Seattle area. Stop by next time you have the chance, to learn about your inner balance and how to gain your full potential of health! We recommend taking home a herbal tea or soup blend that will help ease a full stomach, you’ll need after your tour.

We headed right onto to Thai Savon (6711 MLK Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118) next to sample Thai and Laotian fare. According to the owner, Faye, her dishes are more traditional because they are less sweet and more spicy than other “Americanized” versions. Share an order of Khao Nam-Tod, the crispy rice salad that has been featured in Seattle Met, and some homemade beef or pork jerky. Immerse yourself into some southeast Asian cuisine that is typically not found in nationwide “Asia”-towns. Be in the know for the authenticity of this food! (

One of our last stops on this culinary journey was at Hoang Lan (7119 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Seattle, WA 98118), a long standing store front that has served thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of bowls of bun bo hue throughout the years. This family frequented spot boasts one of the best BBH in the Seattle area (and as the author who has grown up on Hoang Lan BBH, it tastes like Vietnam). Bun bo hue is a dish that consists of Rice vermicelli, lemongrass, beef, fermented shrimp paste, and chili oil. The dish balances the sweet, the spicy, but also the salty and sour accents that all come together to create a bowl of warm goodness. On a cold fall or even a blistering hot summer day, Hoang Lan is sure to appease your cravings for a bowl of perfect noodles. (

To cool down after your culinary trip through Southeast Asia, be sure to stop by Che Dessert Lounge  (7101 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Ste 102 Seattle, WA 98118) for a cup of Che, a Vietnamese sweet dessert soup that is usually served in a glass over ice and eaten with a spoon. Che Dessert Lounge has plenty of options from fruit ches to traditional ches to even smoothies for you to try! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, they carry durian desserts as well. (

To top it all off, head to Huarachitos Cocina Mexicana for a giant margarita to refresh your palate after taking a tour of Southeast Asia and kick back for a good afternoon of relaxing and slowly deflating the now apparent food baby you must have after eating all that delicious food. If your journey inspired you to try your hand at recreating some of the meals you tried stop by Ba Mien Seafood and Market ( for fresh vegetables, herbs, seafood and meat, noodles, and even locally made soy bean milk and get cooking!

We hope that our food tour gave you a glance into what different kinds of local businesses there are around the Othello area. Food holds a special place in the MarketShare meaning and we hope that by getting to know these businesses, you will understand wholeheartedly the purpose behind our goals to empower the community around us by building a market in King Street Station. We hope that you enjoyed our food tour and we can’t wait to see you next week at the Graham food tour!